How to choose the right kitchen colour

You’ve chosen the style you want for your kitchen, but now it’s time to choose the colour and texture. Do you follow the “trend” or stick with your guns and go with what you want?
Now that there is an unlimited choice of colours, the decision can be a tricky one. Nevertheless, your Kitchen Designer is there to help guide you and help zone in on what tone or shade & colour you want.

When it comes to interior design, there are three simple colour themes that we tend to steer towards:

1. Tonal

This is where you choose one base colour and use variations of it across the room. This works well for contemporary kitchens. For a soft, monochrome kitchen, use different shades of grey or blue on the units, worktops, and walls.
If grey or blue aren’t really your cup of tea, try layering multiple shades of white. This can create a multi-tonal look, but keeping the palette simple & versatile.

How to choose the right kitchen colour

2. Harmonious

This is where you use colours that are close on the colour wheel, and complement each other without being too similar.

Using this method, you can easily create a specific theme. Green, white & brown can create a country look vs blue, white & grey can be used for a fresh & modern feel.

Kitchen colour chart

3. Complementary

Complementary colour schemes use opposites to create a statement in the room. For example, Green & Pink or Orange & Blue. These colours are still compatible, but the contrast is much stronger than in a harmonious scheme.

If you’re thinking with this theory you have to have pink cabinets with green worktops. You don’t!
However, as you can see from the images below, strong contrasting colours can be dangerous!
You can add pops of colour into your soft furnishings, wall paint or your splashback. Or have a muted tone of the colour to soften the statements impact .

Overpowering colours versus subtle and elegant

Overpowering and Bold

Subtle and elegant

I’ve chosen my theme, but what colour?

Deciding what colours to use in your kitchen is largely down to personal choice. Colours come in and out of fashion, but are you a follower of a trend or do you want to put your own spin on it?

Blue & Green are probably the top two colours that are the most widely used when it comes to trend colours.

As a designer, I get told ‘I like blue, but what if it goes out of style?’

As Blue & Green are a very popular “trend” colours, they come and go every few years, with all kitchen manufactures jumping on the band wagon by bringing out their own version of the colours.
My response is usually, ‘are you looking to sell or rent out your home soon?’ If the answer is no and you like a bold colour, we say go for it!
The trend colours can be used as grand show pieces. For example, if you chose a rich & bright tone like Parisian Blue for all cabinets, it can create bold look! Great for those who like to make statement!

Blue Kitchen

But don’t worry! If you’re not keen to go all out, you can tone the main colour down & use a combination of the blue or green with a neutral colour i.e., White or stone. These colours have always been staple tones for all kitchens. An interior designer’s favourite.

Blue and white handleless kitchen

A soft Indigo with white & a light grey worktop creates a modern, subtle & timeless look. A Statement without being too flashy.

Mixing Colours

If you like colour, but don’t want to have one bold colour choice or a subtle option, you can combine colours to make a one-of-a-kind, personal space. I.e., A complementary theme.
This example of Indigo & burnt orange really creates a bold feel but is still soft enough that it doesn’t dominate the room.
Adding copper accents on the handles & light fixtures creates touch of glamour.

As we’ve mentioned before, the colour choice available is so wide that there is an unlimited choice to create your one-of-a-kind design . You can be brave and bold or subtle and elegant with your choices. The kitchen world is your oyster!

Bold kitchen colours


Whether you want to follow the current trend or not, no one is forcing you to make a choice!
Trend colours will go in and out of fashion, but will never 100% disappear from the design world.
We as designers will help guide you through the design process. Some clients are very passionate and have strong opinions whilst others are not confident with their decisions and so give us more creative freedom to make decisions on their behalf.
But ultimately, it’s your house so your choice!