Luxury Bespoke In-Frame Kitchens Walnut

Luxury Bespoke In-Frame Kitchens

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Our bespoke in-frame kitchens are hand made to order. These luxury inframe kitchens are truly bespoke offering a wide choice of materials such as Oak or Walnut and any custom colour.

Our hand made in-frame kitchens eliminate the needs for standard sized units or horrible fillers to create a stunning, timeless masterpiece that you'll cherish for years to come. A luxury hand made kitchen is an investment for your home; but will bring years of enjoyment to you and your family.

Being handmade, our bespoke in-frame kitchens take a little longer to manufacture; normally between 10-12 weeks - but they're worth the wait!

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Zola Soft-Matte Handleless Indigo and White Main Shoot RGB

Zola Soft-Matte Handleless

Modern Handleless Kitchen Style

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Zola Soft-Matte Light Grey Cameo 1 RGB

Zola Soft-Matte

Modern Kitchen Style

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Zola Gloss Dust Grey and Tavola Carbon Main Shoot RGB

Zola Gloss Handleless

Modern Kitchen Style

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